I’d just like the thank everyone for the support I’ve gotten for this blog. I never expected it to take off like this! I want to mention that my plan right now is to post an article every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. If school gets way busier than it is right now, I might only post twice a week. Either way, there’s an article tomorrow on the Trinity, so you won’t want to miss it!


In the Beginning

I am starting this blog as a response to the state of modern American Christianity. New heterodox and false teaching runs rampant in churches and in Christian culture in general. Often times these teachings and practices can seem threatening and strange to those outside the Church. Yes, many of the truths in the Bible are strange and abnormal (talking snakes and donkeys, etc.) However, I don’t think the average atheist will take Christianity very seriously when they see Pentecostals on TV rolling on the floor of their church and having a seizure in the name of the Holy Spirit. Don’t get me wrong, there are manSola_PM_blogy faithful Christians in America who faithfully cling to and profess God’s Word. However, the voice of Truth is often drowned out by the clamoring voices of Rationalism, Mysticism, and Pragmatism, to name a few. These issues will be addressed in many of the posts here. I seek to not only proclaim the pure Gospel to unbelievers, but also to proclaim the Gospel to those in the Church who have sadly never heard it truly preached. If I could also manage to encourage some of my fellow Lutherans in the Truth, that would be all the more reason to keep this blog going. Thank you for visiting, and I hope you have an enjoyable and fruitful experience here at Veritas Manet.