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“And it is my prayer that your love may abound more and more, with knowledge and all discernment…”

Philippians 1:9 ESV

Nobody, not even the apostles themselves, stopped growing in their knowledge of Scripture and Christ. The Word of God carries a simple message that is founded on deep and profound mysteries and doctrines. As Gregory the Great once said, “Scripture is like a river . . . broad and deep, shallow enough here for the lamb to go wading, but deep enough there for the elephant to swim.” There is an astonishing amount of information and knowledge to be found on the internet, and I want to point you to a few of these sources in the links below:

Just and Sinner – Blog posts and podcasts by Pastor Jordan Cooper

Pirate Christian Radio – an excellent talk show featuring discussion, analysis of modern Christianity, and Christ-centered theology.

Issues, etc. – talk radio for the thinking Christian

Worldview Everlasting – preaching Christ in a postmodern world

White Horse Inn – discussions focused on sound reformational theology


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